Pregnancy tracker app for windows phone

Kids will get a kick out of singing along to the alphabet song, spelling simple words and learning about pronunciation in this interactive, educational app. Plenty of fun sounds are included as well as an easy drop and drag feature that is great for small hands.


Barnyard Adventure. Spend a day at the farm with Farmer Susie and all of her barnyard friends!

2. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker:

This educational adventure includes a full musical score, a fun and friendly narration and almost two dozen fruits, animals and other objects to interact with in six mini-games. Kids will love earning special gold coins while playing each game! The latest version adds more animated graphics and a musical score. Slurpy the Frog. Join Slurpy the Frog and his friends in this educational activity book app with over colorful pages. Designed by parents, this interactive app teaches children about various topics such as animals, shapes, sizes, relationships and fun facts about the world.

WTE's Pregnancy App for Android

Color Swipe. Small hands will love swiping over the uncolored cartoon images and watching as the pictures come to life in this interactive coloring book app. Color Swipe includes 53 kid-friendly coloring pages and hidden surprises in the fully colored pictures!

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The free version sports 3 pages. Coloring Book.

Perfect for road trips or long waits at the doctor's office, this interactive coloring book app will keep your little artists busy filling in the cute cartoonish pictures. Select the colors and the picture of your choice and get to work on coloring in your masterpiece! Barnyard Bonanza. Spend a day in the barnyard with adorable new farm friends.

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  • Learn About What To Expect's Pregnancy & Baby App!.
  • Match baby animals with their mothers, search for animals and objects including alphabet letters and fruit and find all of the items that are hiding throughout the barnyard! Much like the classic game of Whack-A-Mole, Whack-A-Rat features pop-up rats that need to be whacked before disappearing back into their holes.

    Make sure not to whack the other cute pop-up animals set as decoys and try to whack as many rats as you can for a super high score! My First Puzzles. Your little one will get a kick out of finding all of the jigsaw pieces to complete the cute animal puzzles in this interactive app. With 14 puzzles to choose from, this app will give young children a good introduction to puzzles and help fine tune their early motor skills. Baby Xylophone. Got a budding musician in your home?

    Rock out and play some super cool tunes with the Baby Xylophone app! Featuring plenty of fun and quirky sounds, this app is easy for small hands to use and will be great for the young music lovers. Day at School.

    Period-tracking apps like Clue and Glow are not for women - Vox

    Step off the yellow school bus and get ready for a fun day of learning! Explore the school's various rooms and objects, solve easy, age-appropriate word puzzles and hear fun narrated poems. School rooms include the art room, gym, music room, lunch room and much more! Sign up for your weekly dose of parent fuel and Puget Sound family adventures.

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    Sections x. Are You at Risk for Pubic Pain? How to Raise Grateful Children. How to Talk to Kids About Race. By Jen Betterley. Published on: March 12, Free 3.

    You might know Clue from

    Free 4. By , there were so many choices, surrounded by so little coherent information and virtually zero regulation, that researchers at Columbia University Medical Center buckled down to investigate the entire field. Few cite medical literature or health professional involvement. The Berlin-based, anti-fluff app Clue, founded by Ida Tin, would seem like an answer to this concern.

    It arrived the same year as Glow but took several more to raise serious funding, provided mostly by Nokia in Today, Glow has around 15 million users and Clue has 10 million. This was just after Apple Health launched sans menstrual tracking , hailed as the future of medical care. There were smart pelvic floor exercisers that could pair with smartphones via Bluetooth. Levy also pointed out that popular period-tracking app Glow, in addition to tracking menstruation and cervical mucus quality and other typical hallmarks of fertility monitoring, asked female users to log each time they had sex, including what position they were in during ejaculation.

    That app has since been removed from the app store, but others have taken its place.

    Pregnancy Tracker and Baby-Tracker App Development – Cost & Features

    I had no problem downloading and using one called PeriodMe, which will send me notifications when my roommates are about to start PMSing. In , Glow would remind women who were trying to become pregnant and entering a fertile window to wear nice underwear that day, and it would also remind their partners to bring home some flowers.

    She wrote about period-tracking apps in a popular Medium post in Glow was even worse. And those are very different market demographics. In the current iteration of Eve, the emoji code is banana with a condom, banana without a condom, or a peach, and users can still redeem collectible gems to get sex tips. They have odd design elements, like floating clouds, superfluous flowers, and strange faux-empowering language where straightforward medical terminology would more than suffice.

    Can you imagine a glucose-tracking app laid out in Candy Crush aesthetics? Of course not! Why not decorate it? The data they generate can also be shared with developers, advertisers, researchers, and data brokers. In some cases, this data is not even in anonymized formats. The first one is Calendar while the second and third sections are Birth Club and Tools.

    In the Calendar section, you will find articles about the pregnancy stage that you are in at that particular time. You can see tips on how to go about your day and what activities to perform during each pregnancy stage. There is a search option provided to look for articles and tips on specific topics. You can rest assured that the tips you are given in these articles are reviewed and verified by doctors and experts.

    Aside from the informative articles, there are videos available too which provide an up-close look at what is going inside your uterus and how your baby is coming along. The Birth Club is one such community group in which you can share your stories regarding your pregnancy experiences with other expecting mothers.

    Pregnancy tracker app for windows phone

    You can read their ideas on how to prepare for the challenges ahead and also give your tips and advice regarding pregnancy issues. Creating a post in this community group is very easy. After that, you can add details about your post and then click 'Create Post' to have it published. It enables them to read up on the changes their body is going through and how to deal with them until their baby arrives.