How not to cheat on your wife

The other was edgy and wild. One had a few successful businesses. The other had an amazing life story that included a reality TV show. And as much as that sounds amazing…it can be really frustrating when you are a mover and a shaker like I am. But I never cheated with them. Quite the opposite. But I overcame my temptation to cheat because I realized a few key truths.

12 Reasons Why You Should Not Cheat on Your Partner – Inspiring Tips

Outside of physical abuse or infidelity, I wager that most men are pretty much the same. Sure you have your ambitious ones, the sensitive ones or the broody ones…but underneath, they are pretty much all the same. And I promise…they are just as bad. No man is perfect. Every woman is special. I know. That like blows my mind. They are normal issues. They are regular. Run of the mill even. But pretend you go through with this affair.

14 Things to Remember Before You Cheat

Pretend your husband is a real jerk and you leave your husband for HIM. What have you done? When I got married, I knew that one day I may not like the man I married. We all have those days, right?

1. The interest affair

But what if days turned into weeks, then months, then years? Remember that friend I talked about in the beginning of this blog post? The one that I judged so harshly?

The Reasons Why Married Women Cheat on Their Husbands

Well, I started thinking about her. And you know what I came up with? It was just marriage. Messed up. Two people trying to become one flesh.

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I stepped up to the challenge and refused to let my marriage dissolve without a fight. If you are tempted to have an affair…tell your spouse, they are the only ones who can do anything about it. For the other, I quit following him on social media. Since he lived a few states away, this fixed the problem. I still loved my husband so removing myself from the situation fixed the problem. We had our issues, but with the other person out of the way and the truth out in the open, it was easier to work on them. In our case, I realized that we needed to have more fun together. They sincerely want to leave the adultery and the ensuing relationship crisis in the past.

However, doing so is exceedingly difficult. All of the individuals involved in the adultery crisis would jump at the opportunity to turn the clock back before the cheating occurred and avoid completely this relationship crisis they are currently swept away by. There is nothing worse than a self-inflicted wound that could have been prevented — cheating is just such an injury!

If you are currently cheating, then stop. Each day you continue creates more risk and injury. If you have cheated in the past, prove experience has taught you something and never do it again. If you have never cheated, good for you. Still, take sensible precautions to make sure you are never in a risky situation that could lead to the intentional or unintentional future betrayal of your partner and family.

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Cheating has many victims including the perpetrator. In the moment of a fling-of-passion life seems perfect. However, as gravity never abates, so too, the weight of reality will eventually come crashing down upon the cheater. When this happens, everyone will suffer for a very long time. In many ways, cheating is not that much different than injecting heroin: A momentary high and then the inevitable crash that leaves the depleted addict groveling in the gutter.

The best protection from the relationship sickness caused by cheating is to avoid get involved with a person outside your legitimate relationship. Here is how:. I agree with your 10 rules completely. I could add a few others from personal experience, my husband choose to forgive me, and I felt true grace for the first time.

Young women can turn away from extramarital attention, tell a trusted friend whats going on, and turn the other way. I highly recommend it. I agree.

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  6. Married for 28 years. A Perfect Storm of events and one unique situation with an individual and I had committed adultery. Tore my family apart. Very hard on my adult children. Now I am in a new marriage but will always regret what I did. When Clinton had his thing with Monica I thought this is scary because this guy is supposed to be running the country and he may very well be unable to get her off his mind. My friend said the sex is always great but you will go crazy and he was right. It can take a couple years to regain your sanity. Get your FREE subscription today. You can opt-out anytime you like. Your email will never be given to anyone else.

    Abe has created www. Invest in your relationships and take good care of them. Copyright Abe Kass. All rights reserved. Contact and Privacy. Adultery is a relationship crime.

    It creates three categories of victims: The person betrayed; The perpetrator and; Bystanders. The relationship crime that victimizes the person betrayed 1. Infidelity betrayal causes anxiety and depression When your partner discovers that you have cheated, he or she will experience intense anxiety, worry and depression having been broadsided by a relationship tsunami.

    The perpetrator of the relationship crime We have discussed how cheating will impact upon your partner. After your cheating has been discovered what will happen to you? Relationship misery Should you cheat and your partner finds out all hell will break out. Your devastated partner will simultaneously explode and implode! Revenge If that isn't enough, your betrayed partner may want to take revenge upon you. Loss of trust For obvious reasons which include having carried on secretly with a person outside of your legitimate relationship and a great deal of lying to cover it over you will no longer be trusted by your partner.

    Reputation Everyone who ever heard about your philandering will always think of you differently.